Programs that Empower Over 50,000 Users

Every month about fifty thousand users from all over the world download softwares from Tech Tic Altervista and about one thousand user requests premium softwares. 

We Provide Tools For the Windows

User Friendly

Most programs come with user friendly mode if the user purchases a premium membership. But our website provide its users premium softwares for free


Plugins are also important for some programs as they are unable to give its best experience without them. So, we also provide plugins for premium programs

Software Requests

Well, our website doesn’t contain all premium programs.But if you need a specific premium software then user can request it through our request form.

APK Files

In near future, we will also provide premium APK files (Android Apps) with their mods on our website. User will be able to download them at very high speed

Connect with one of our experts.

If user is getting some errors or he/she needs guidance in installing, then user can get in touch with one of our expert team member. All user have to do is fill a form explaining his/her issue. After that one of our expert team member reaches him/her through email or WhatsApp and resolves the issue.

Get Everything You Need With Just One Click

We provide programs with just one click. Users have to find the software that he/she wants and just click on the download button. Then our server page loads and user will start downloading the program at very high speed. We do not require users to click on share buttons or have to pass a survey, our programs are available for download at just one single click.

Built For Personal Use

We provide programs on our website for personal use only. If user gets in any kind of trouble because of the program, then in that case “Tech Tic Altervista Team” will not be responsible for it.

Responsive Programs

Full Versions

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

Robust Documentation

Support Us

Tech Tic Altervista Team provide premium software’s by making great effort because it is very difficult to get full versions of programs and after that upload it to high speed servers. We have to pay a great amount to web server providers so that we can give you the best downloading speed. We need your support in order to make this website alive. You can support us by buying us a cup of coffee.